Cleaning the water tank periodically is very critical for minimizing the risk from Legionella and other species of bacteria. If required, that is, where pollution is detected, it will be necessary to clean and properly disinfect the water tanks in order to remove the potential hazard.

We have a team of fully trained operators here at I Chemical Expert who can perform a complete deep cleaning and disinfection of any contaminated water containers.

We must insure that the water tanks are clear of all pollution from Legionella or Biofilms (known as Legionella harbor).

Mains water frameworks can contain low degrees of microbes and dirt, just as garbage, residue, scale, muck, biofilm, fouling, divider shape, stagnation, rust and erosion, remote bodies and plant development – which, going about as a nutrient, can prompt the multiplication of microscopic organisms in water stockpiling tanks and reservoirs; whenever left unchecked this microorganisms can move through the framework, contaminating it and representing a hazard to wellbeing.

For over couple of years we have provided specialist water tank cleaning and disinfection services to the South East. Our professional team has over years of collective experience in the water hygiene industry, providing a full range of water tank cleaning services covering disinfection and chlorination as well as fault detection and repair and maintenance of water tanks.

Water examining and examination is utilized to measure the degree of bacterial disease prior and after the water tank cleaning and sanitization process and to decide the accomplishment of the cleaning and cleansing embraced. When water testing is finished, our professionals altogether clean tanks to expel any biofilm or trash that has aggregated on the walls around or floor.

Our water sanitation experts thoroughly disinfect and sterilize the water tank when searching for:

  • coli
  • Total Coliforms
  • Legionella Pneumophila
  • Total Viable Count (TVC)
  • Garbage
  • Residue
  • Scale
  • Muck
  • Fouling
  • Stagnation

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Cleaning the water tank on a regular basis is important for reducing the risk of Legionella and other bacteria. If applicable, that is, if contamination is observed, the water tanks must be cleaned and thoroughly disinfected to eliminate the possible threat. At I Chemical Experts, we have a team of professionally qualified operators who can conduct a complete deep cleaning and disinfection of any polluted water containers. We must ensure that the water tanks are free of any Legionella or Biofilm contamination (known as Legionella harbor). Garbage, residue, scale, muck, biofilm, fouling, divider form, stagnation, rust and erosion, remote bodies and plant growth – which, acting as a nutrient, can prompt the proliferation of microscopic organisms in water storage tanks and reservoirs – can all be found in mains water frameworks. When left unchecked, these microorganisms will spread across the structure, contaminating it and posing a health risk.

We’ve been providing specialist water tank cleaning in Karachi and all over Pakistan since 2003. Our professional staff has years of cumulative experience in the water hygiene industry, and we provide a complete range of water tank cleaning services, including disinfection and chlorination, as well as fault identification, water tank repair, and maintenance. Water testing and inspection are used to determine the degree of bacterial disease before and after the water tank cleaning and sanitization process, as well as the success of the cleaning and washing procedures. Following the completion of water testing, our Legionella Control Association (LCA) certifies professionals and thoroughly clean tanks to remove any biofilm or garbage that has accumulated on the walls or surface. The effect of leftover dirt on the disinfectant’s strength is known as ‘sanitation load.’ We’ve been using disinfectants recommended by the LCA, such as hydrogen peroxide, ammonia, and chlorine dioxide.

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Access To Clean Water Is A Basic Human Right. Clean Water Is A Basic Human Requirement. We won’t be able to get clean water unless we clean our water tanks on a regular basis. Water is a precious resource that is currently in short supply, at least in Pakistan. We need water on a regular basis in our daily lives, whether for cooking or taking a shower. We don’t need much water, but we do need clean and pure water. There are many diseases caused by contaminated and impure water, all of which have a detrimental effect on health. Water is usually stored in large water tanks, but have you ever considered what would happen if those water tanks were dirty on the inside due to their size and the fact that they are closed for longer periods of time.  We are the best water tank cleaning services in Karachi.

You are receiving pure water, but it is no longer the same when it enters you. Anyone who is observing this should be aware that your water tank has become polluted and needs immediate cleaning. We have a lot of experience washing water tanks. Whether it’s your home, school, or workplace, we’re the experts in the industry when it comes to water tank cleaning services. We use a number of chemicals to clean these water tanks, which extract a variety of toxic and unwanted species from the water. Apart from placing chemicals in the tank, our employees are so well-trained that they can clean every detail inside. Our water tank cleaning service is extremely effective. This is thanks to our professionalism and well-trained staff. We’ve been providing water tank cleaning services in Karachi for years, and our customers have been a constant source of help. It is the role of I Chemical Expert Services to make it possible for their clients.

People are generally concerned about the quality of water they drink or use, as well as polluted water sources. As a result, both types of filters can be used in homes and workplaces. But what about the bodies of water that store water. They are polluted in unthinkable ways, and only experts can test small and large industrial and commercial tanks. Consider the first scenario, in which a water tank continues to obtain clean water, there is no soil or sand, but the continued storage of water allows algae to expand. Algae growth should be monitored closely from the onset. Using readily available chlorine or chlorine tablets according to manufacturer recommendations to protect against algae and provide bacteria-free water. Now, let us consider another possibility that is popular in Karachi if the source of water is contaminated with mud, bacteria, or other pollutants, it is recommended that you clean your water storage tank on a regular basis.

There is a water shortage in places like DHA and Clifton, and nearly 90% of the water comes from tanker services, which is unprocessed and very muddy. Water tank cleaning in Karachi should be done on a monthly or quarterly basis in these regions, depending on the amount of water used. Because of Karachi’s poorly maintained water supply lines, even water directly from filter plants is unsafe to drink. Contaminants from sewage lines and the atmosphere blend together. Water tank cleaning in Karachi should be used every six months as a general rule. This holds true for chlorine-treated tanks as well, because bacteria growth in our underground or overhead tanks is much faster and needs immediate attention. If your water tank is larger than a 120 yard house tank, you can employ a professional to clean it. ICE cleaning services are used successfully by our clients in Karachi and all over Pakistan to protect their water supplies.

A variety of individuals or organizations provide water tank cleaning services in Karachi. Since it is not a manual work, what you have to do is make sure they have the right equipment. People who work without the use of machinery are prone to being exhausted and overlooking important cleaning areas inside the tank. Brushing machines with high efficiency are needed to remove the deeply embedded sand and particles. Normal cleaning solutions do not fully remove bacteria and germs. Since the majority of dirt and bacteria are concealed in high-traffic environments, such as the edges and corners. Manual cleaning techniques are ineffective in these areas. High-pressure washing, on the other hand, hits every height and cleans every edge and corner with a high-pressure water flow. ICE Services’ high-pressure water tank cleaning saves you time and energy, while also reducing water waste. ICE cleaning services are used successfully by our clients in Karachi and protect their water supplies.