I Chemical have a team of termite treatment experts in Karachi, Pakistan. That is why we are a well-known and recognizable brand in this industry.

Benefits of Termite Control:

  • Increase building life
  • Safe Wood Furniture
  • Protection for wood windows & doors
  • Patrol by a specialist
  • Mindfulness
  • Minimize harm

Termites are one of the most frequent and common pest problems that the majority of Karachi residents face. Aside from the health risks associated with termites, especially for children, these pests will kill wooden materials such as furniture and doors, costing you a lot of money. Due to their tendency to eat furniture, flooring, books, and wall paper, termites are known as silent destroyers. It is a social insect that lives in underground colonies or damp underground areas.  To achieve access to food supplies and to shield themselves from the open air, they build distinctive “mud tubes.” Termite colonies are classified into castes depending on the roles they do, such as workers, warriors, and reproductive. Workers are more numerous in a colony than soldiers and swarmers, and they are the termites that consume the wood and do much of the destruction.

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Termites and ants are very closely related, and many people confuse the two. Many households aren’t conscious of a termite infestation until it has spread out of control due to their limited scale (almost invisible to the naked eye). Karachi’s hot and humid environment promotes termite reproduction, which is why homeowners in the city face a persistent termite infestation issue. Termites come in a number of types, and specialized termite proofing services are necessary to fully eradicate the possibility of re-infestation. Although most families in Karachi depend on local termite treatment solutions, this is not only an inefficient approach to this persistent issue, but it also poses significant health risks to your family, including children. Many termite powders on the market are not only useless at containing termites, but they are also toxic and life-threatening to humans.

I Chemical Services is a high-end pest management company in Karachi that caters to all forms of pests and parasites. We are an international business model that blends decades of experience with cutting-edge technologies to provide Karachi residents and businesses with dependable and skilled termite proofing services. We provide you with dependable and competent termite proofing in Karachi. Our professionally trained and skilled technicians are completely prepared to offer termite removal that is both safe and complete, with a 5-year guarantee. Given the recurrent existence of termite infestations, highly qualified and specialized technicians are needed to locate and remove the source of the infestation in order to prevent it from recurring. We have some of the most qualified, fully vetted, and highly trained termite control technicians on board at I chemical Services to provide you with the best quality and most dependable termite control services.

We have proven termite treatment facilities in Karachi, ensuring that these seasoned rodents are permanently removed from your houses. For families in Karachi, expense is one of the most significant variables affecting their decisions. Although we never sacrifice service, we also make sure to provide you with reasonable and fair prices so you don’t have to sacrifice your family’s wellbeing. We understand how hectic most families’ everyday lives are in Karachi, which is why we provide fully hassle-free and guaranteed termite proofing in Karachi services at your convenience. The pillar of your family’s health and well-being is our home. Don’t jeopardize anything by relying on unreliable and hazardous toxic chemicals. Although I Chemical Services may not be the cheapest alternative available, our termite control services provide full guarantee of your family’s safety as well as the permanent removal of termites from your house.

Whatever your needs are, our termite management plan entails three major steps: inspection, diagnosis, and sanitation. Our termite control specialist team arrives at your home at a time that is suitable for you and begins the process. Our staff uses infrared detector equipment to examine all open areas in order to ascertain the exact address of the termites. If a chemical termite barrier is required, it is inserted into the region using the drill fill seal method, which facilitates deep perforation of the chemicals to the degree of infestation and thus effectively destroys the termites inside. The solvent used in termite management is qualified to destroy termites all year round, meaning that your belongings are safe for a longer period of time and that your ecosystem is absolutely termite free for a happier life.

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Procedure for Treatment:

We use Fipronil 2.5 EC, a termite prevention insecticide that is well-known around the world. This is pumped into the dirt around and under a house’s base. Since its non-repellent, termites won’t realize they’ve come into touch with it, which ensures they’ll walk right through it and bring it back to their hive, setting off a chain reaction. The liquid insecticide is then poured into this, which seeps into the soil both around and under the base. In this process we identify the proper drilling locations so that no gas, water, or electrical piping is affected during the Termite proofing Treatment of your home or structure, regardless of whether you have a termite infestation. The holes are drilled deep enough for the right termite management chemical to enter the soil’s Termite colony. Our termite management service helps to create a chemical buffer between the soil and the asphalt.

Even if the price of a termite control solution is higher than other solutions in Pakistan, it is important to use the best chemical for termite control. Injecting the most up-to-date termite-proofing chemical, which contains Fipronil, into these holes to remove underground colonies and build a barrier those termites, cannot cross. The chemical we use is also safe for residential use and has a lower toxicity, which aids in environmental conservation in cities such as Karachi, Hyderabad, Larkana, Sindh, Baluchistan, Punjab and KPK. Where termite infestation is causing damage to homes. Termite control chemicals are inserted into these holes using high-pressure machines imported to give a best solution of Termite Control in all over Pakistan After that, the holes are filled with cement that matches the color of the floor. Another important factor is that we have well-trained professional who have expertise to drill holes in the floor without damaging the costly marble or tiles.