We want to give our consumers a sense of protection by having completely safe walls and rooftops, which has become one of our key challenges in terms of heat insulation and preserving a healthy view throughout the summer months.

Advantages of Heat Proofing Service:

  • Reduce temperature up-to 40%
  • Reduce Electricity Bill up-to 50%
  • Increase building life
  • Safe wall paint
  • Saves from Heatstroke
  • Cost effective
  • Energy Saver
  • Weather resistant
  • Decrease maintenance cost of AC
  • Heat Shield



I Chemical Expert provide a wide range of roof heat proofing services that can greatly reduce the amount of heat that accumulates in homes, offices, and industrial structures in all over Pakistan. In addition to the roof insulation facility, much of the house also suffers from intense radiant heat through its walls, as concrete is a low self-reflective material that needs sufficient insulation to prevent heat absorption inside walls. Our experts will make certain that all of the walls are well sealed with our industry-grade material that delivers instant results. For wall insulation, such items need ample insulation material and expertise. I Chemical Specialist propose a whole-rounder solution to make the walls more insulated for a complete renovation. Different types of wall insulation are used in Pakistan to prevent extra heat from heating up your home. The following are the most popular materials used by I Chemical Expert for roof heat proofing:

  • Cellulose
  • Rubber Coating
  • Heat Chemical Treatment


Heat proofing is one of the services provided by I Chemical Expert Company, which is competent in all aspects. Roof Heat Proofing is an easy and efficient way to shield the foundation of a building from destructive heat waves. In addition to assisting our residential clients, there have been instances where workplaces and the manufacturing sector in Pakistan have needed a solid heat insulation facility to ensure that their scheduled operations are carried out efficiently. It’s all about saving money in the private sector while and production and efficiency by working fewer hours. We ensure that the cost of the air conditioning unit is reduced by supplying the staff with fair internal temperature benefits so that they can function while retaining focus all day long by using a quality heat insulation service offered by I Chemical Expert in Karachi.

It’s reasonable why residents will turn on their air conditioners as the weather deteriorates with each passing day, with high temperatures raising the mercury level to new heights. However, in Pakistan, where our households do not have adequate power, being totally reliant on air conditioning is not recommended. But, instead of going to the Swimming pool any single day, let’s talk about other options. It’s safe to believe that much of the concentrated heat reaches our home through our roof and, for that matter, our windows. In scientific terms, heat temperature is basically radiations that make their way within the concrete roof due to its proclivity to trap water, heat, and pretty much every liquid in the universe. In order to mitigate heat from roofs in Pakistan, we’ve outlined some tried-and-true approaches that will undoubtedly assist you in protecting your roof from both water and heat.

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Heat appears in three forms: UV rays, visible light, and infrared rays. Heat Chemical Treatment can block all three rays, which account for about 57 percent of the heat load on the building’s roof. Heat Chemical Treatment can be used on RCC metal, cement, aluminum, timber, and rubber roofs and sides of buildings. It can also be used on the interior surfaces of the house or buildings. Heat Chemical Treatment can be an ideal Heat Proof shield against all kinds of roofs and exterior walls due to its high elongated and heavy bonding additional properties. Heat Chemical Treatment aids in the prevention of building contraction, thermal shocks, and other hot weather-related losses. Heat Chemical Treatment will significantly lower the heat temperature and will help to keep the atmosphere cozy and relaxed by minimizing the use of air conditioners and other cooling equipment.

In Pakistan, heat proof coating is the best option for any kind of roof, whether it is flat or sloped. The use of chemically tuned coats on the roof raises the tendency for strong solar reflectivity, reducing the amount of thermal radiation that enters the building. The most popular Heat Proof coatings in Pakistan are contentious coating and elastomeric coating. These chemicals are added to your roof by spray, roller, brush, or mopping. The all-over solar reflectivity can be increased by covering several layers with these compounds, which helps to reduce heat from the roof more efficiently. During a Pakistani heat wave, it’s important to consider the value of ensuring that heat from the roof can be minimized as it is self-evident that a high room temperature during the summer is not only unnecessary, but also potentially dangerous. According to Experts, Pakistan’s heat waves do serious harm to your house and workplace because there is no way to cool down on your roof. As a result, it is essential to adjust by obtaining a heat proofing solution in Pakistan.

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Engineers are more interested in reducing energy consumption by rising energy utilization as high energy rate designs become more popular. In Pakistan, there is increasing interest in the use of roof insulation as a cost-cutting measure. Heat Chemical Solution can be used as a roof heat proofing chemical or a roof heat proofing membrane. Heat Chemical Treatment will decrease room temperature by up to 40 percent, resulting in a 50 percent reduction in energy costs. Our heat chemical treatment of roof insulation ensures that the coating you require for your roof application is heat proof. Heat Chemical Treatment is the best way to satisfy this requirement, whether you have a warehouse, office, or house that needs to keep energy costs down. People today tend to inquire about how to lower internal temperatures or lower electricity prices. Heat Chemical Treatment is the only solution to these questions. I Chemical Expert Company represent Karachi, Lahore, Peshawar, Multan, Hyderabad, Islamabad, Sukkar, and Quetta, among other cities in Pakistan.