I Chemical Experts also provide all of the services for the prevention of bathroom floor leakage repair through revolutionary seepage treatment.

Factors to consider for Bathroom Seepage:

  • Cracks & holes of sewerage drain
  • Weak seals on sewerage pipe
  • Cement breakdown in key holes
  • Damage & flooring tiles worsens
  • RCC will hold rainwater

Washroom leakage repair is a major problem for a large number of apartments, flats, and tenant buildings. Leaks in the upstairs bathroom may be the result of seepage. A bathroom leak is usually caused by a defect or crack in the wax ring seal that attaches the bathroom to the floor. You may not have realized it, but any time you flushed the toilet, water must have flowed through the bathroom floor and up through your roof. Ceiling leakage can also be caused by leaks in the Concrete Content lines that connect to the toilet or sink pit. In all apartment buildings flat rooms, I Chemical Experts use bathroom leaking solution without any demolition. To detect bathroom leaks, a variety of chemicals are used. Wind pressure is used to store a super-mega-leakage control chemical in this process. And completing one of the bathroom floor leakage repair, as well as grouting the polished tile joints. This offers complete protection from bathroom leaks.

bathroom seepage


We recognize that leaks wreak havoc on your bathroom’s furniture and emit a foul odor in the form of mold. This is what we hope to do with our dedicated services in Pakistan; we use a state-of-the-art chemical approach to keep our customers protected from mold, which is caused by water trapped in wall cracks if it’s concrete walls or bricks, I Chemical Company’s approach would provide good protection against mold and water infiltration. Washroom leakage repair can prevent mold and moisture from infiltrating your bathroom. Our company’s experts offer the best bathroom leakage treatment facilities by using branded chemicals on your bathroom’s tiles and walls without requiring any dismantling. Coating bathroom sewerage pipes with our chemical not only fills the joints, but also reduces pipe blockage. Using this revolutionary technology on a variety of objects, we were able to achieve 100 percent success.

Leaks in the bathroom will cause structural damage as well as damage to your household appliances and furniture. We will fix bathroom leaks without tearing up your house, and you won’t have to worry about your toilet. We use our bathroom leakage remedies as well as stops and prevent cracks to protect the cracks. Our expert staff has suitable methods based on your bathroom problems and waterproofs your bathroom using cutting-edge procedures and branded chemicals. We offer high-quality bathroom leakage treatment and waterproofing facilities without dismantling, ensuring that our customers never have to deal with bathroom leakage problems again. Our experts are totally focused on their work, and we are worried with our customers’ wealth. We ensure that you have the correct bathroom leakage security devices, and we back up our efforts with a 100% satisfaction guarantee that’s why our success is the trust of our customer’s.